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Physical Security Insights – Residential Security Surveys

In our previous Insight, the Kiris Group team discussed how to keep yourself safe online. It is equally, or perhaps even more important, to keep yourself, your family and your possessions safe at home. Deciding which security measures are proportionate can be a daunting task. In this Insight, we will explain why a Residential Security Survey (RSS) is the best way to ensure that you get the level of security that strikes the right balance between cost and efficacy.


The Residential Security Survey


An RSS is a detailed and comprehensive review of all physical security measures, procedures and processes, which assesses whether the current level of security is suitable for a client’s specific needs. It provides proportionate recommendations and guidance tailored to suit the client’s exact requirements, whilst adhering to government advice and industry best practice.


Our RSS process starts with a consultation between the client and Kiris Group’s team of accredited Chartered Security Professionals (CSyP), in order to best understand the client’s main concerns and goals.


Following this, our intelligence team assesses the property’s online footprint, including real estate listings, publicly available mapping, local crime trends and statistics, as well as identifying any overt links between the client and their property. Through this online reconnaissance, we are able to replicate the online preparation undertaken by criminals, from sophisticated organised crime groups to opportunistic thieves, so that we can ensure that our recommendations are proportionate and effective.


During an on-site visit, we conduct a thorough review of existing security infrastructure including CCTV, intruder detection systems, security lighting, access control and perimeters to identify any potential weaknesses. Security processes are reviewed, and local knowledge is sought, to ensure that the survey is as location-specific as possible, producing the most meaningful advice for clients. The result is a report that is both insightful and actionable, with clear guidance on how best to protect what really matters to the client.


What sets us apart


Our team of experts have decades of experience in the physical security sector, and we pride ourselves on being able to offer bespoke recommendations that take into account our clients’ main concerns. What really sets us apart, though, is that our support for clients does not end when the survey is complete. Kiris Group can also undertake the implementation of any security recommendations set out in the report, from physical installations to assistance with security processes and training.


Kiris Group can offer holistic security solutions to keep you, your family and your assets protected. To find out more, get in touch with the team by email,


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