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Intelligence & Investigations

Research & Threat Assessments

Our expertise is in complex, multi-source research and data projects. We deliver understanding and impactful analysis to help solve problems and provide clarity. We produce briefs, risk and threat assessments to suit different needs. Notably, we are online exposure and privacy experts and have an extensive track record in all elements of people risk and reputational threat.


Our investigations leverage the whole suite of resources, including thorough and technical open-source / desk-based intelligence, discreet enquiries and physical surveillance. Our analysts have a strong real world, practical approach and work closely with our operators and investigators.

Due Diligence

Focusing on people, projects, companies or organisations, we use the latest methods and sources to ensure that decisions can be made with confidence and accuracy. The team apply robust corroboration techniques, combining research, database queries and technical searches to provide thorough and concise reports.

Online Monitoring & Alerting

Kiris Group combine cutting edge monitoring and data aggregation technology with expert analysis to triage, prioritise and assess content. We sift infinite amounts of data by building bespoke search queries and developing access – monitoring in multiple languages and across multiple sources, open, deep and dark web. 

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Background Checks & Screening 

Our core and enhanced checks are designed to match the right person to the right environment. We understand the uniqueness of each business and team. The process is non-intrusive and easy, providing clear, actionable results. 

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