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Kiris Group Intelligence Security

Kiris Group is a team of intelligence and security professionals. We partner with our clients to provide discreet and effective services.  

Kiris Group

Intelligence & Investigations 

Kiris Group delivers clear, decisive assistance in complex situations. Our specialist team includes experienced investigators, linguists and data analysts. 

We produce specialised reports, including bespoke research, due diligence, background checks, threat assessments and risk profiles. Each project is unique, we work closely with our clients to ensure relevance, accuracy and timeliness. 

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Kiris Group offers a discreet crisis and problem-solving capability, leveraging international networks. We ensure in-depth understanding of requirements to adapt support and expertise accordingly. We offer an exclusive stand-by client service. 


We deliver tailored protective security solutions - either overt or discreet. Our teams are highly trained and have conducted tasks in a multitude of environments. Operators are selected for their professionalism, adaptability and inter-personal skills.


We prepare clients for business or leisure travel to all destinations worldwide, using a network of experts and local contacts. Our guidance is tailored to suit any requirement from individual travel to multi-destination itineraries. 

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Our consultancy services and products adhere to current guidelines and legislation. We conduct specialised risk advisory, working with businesses, organisations and private clients. Services include penetration testing and security reviews, incorporating both physical and technical elements.

Built on instructor reputation and deep knowledge base, Kiris Group offers bespoke and specialised training. We can provide individual consultants or design and implement training packages suited to both to individuals and organisations.  

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